These Lovely Ads Go Beyond Cliche and Show the Breadth of What It Means to Be a Mother (ADWEEK)

Emotions run high in these Mother’s Day ads from Teleflora that focus on moms raising their children in situations that pose unique challenges.

The flower delivery service has certainly produced tear-jerker commercials around this particular holiday before. But this campaign, which introduces the tagline “Love Makes a Mom,” should come with its own box of Kleenex.

That said, sentimentality takes a back seat, and straightforward storytelling carries the day in affecting fashion. The minute-long ads, crafted by The Wonderful Agency (the in-house marketing unit of Teleflora parent The Wonderful Company), and Wondros Productions directors Chris Riess and Amy Hill, touch a nerve because they’re so real, unfiltered and, ultimately, uplifting.

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Theodore Dudley