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Oren Lavie is a songwriter, director and author of children literature. 


Oren has written and co-directed the music video for Her Morning Elegance, which was nominated for a Grammy award in the category of best music video.It has since become a YouTube phenomena with over 30 million views and later screened at Cannes de Lions, LA film Festival, Center Pompidou and many festivals throughout the world. 

As a playwright and director Oren’s work has been produced in London, New York and Tel Aviv, under his direction. His play “Lighting The Day” has received the LONDON TIMEOUT’s critic’s choice, and has enjoyed an extended run. In Israel his work has won the ACCO INTERNATIONAL FRINGE FESTIVAL award both for best play and best director. 

Oren is the winner of the ASCAP FOUNDATION AWARD for promising lyricist. He has also won the SXSW Music Videos Jury Award, “Best Concept” at the Berlin Music Video Awards, and the Young Director Award at Cannes.


His first album, The Opposite Side of The Sea, has won the prestigious ASCAP AWARD for most promising lyricist in 2010.The success of the album has brought Oren to a wide audience in the US, peeking with a performance on the Jimmy Kimmel show.Oren has contributed a song to the Disney movie, “Narnia Chronicles: Prince Caspian” 

His new album, BEDROOM CRIMES, will be released in 2017. 


As an author his philosophical children’s book, The Bear Who Wasn’t There, was translated to numerous languages and has been published throughout the world to wonderful reviews. He is about to publish his second children’s book, Children’s Book Of Silence.