Chris Riess and Amy Hill first met while they were students collaborating on a documentary about GenX at the Art Center College of Design. A spec commercial they shot caught the eye of Robert Redford, who funded and debuted the project at the Sundance Film Festival. 

Chris & Amy’s ability to work across the broad spectrum of styles and subject matter has earned them a very unique place in the landscape of commercial and digital content. Their strong vision and capacity for genuine storytelling has enabled them to create authentic and emotional content. They have been instrumental in spearheading social cause-focused projects on behalf of the family of Matthew Shepard, St. Jude Hospital, American Heart Association, a partnership for a Drug-Free America and numerous brands with global impact, including P&G, Salvation Army, Fidelity, Chase and Ford Motor Company. Their films for companies like Siemens demonstrate their ability to capture the true spirit and values of working Americans in industries spanning manufacturing, and healthcare to farming and transportation.

Chris & Amy’s ambitious short documentary “Hula Girl” was a recent selection at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival, telling the untold story behind one of the biggest fads in modern American history, the Hula Hoop, as guided by 94-year-old Joan Anderson. They also recently completed a touching commercial campaign for Teleflora’s Mother’s Day 2018, which highlight three unconventional motherhood scenarios that beautifully reinforce the brand’s belief that it is love above all else that makes a Mom. 

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