Sean Thonson Headshot.png


Sean Thonson understands light like no other director working today. He understands it from an emotional perspective as well as a technical one. He knows how to plumb the depths of a single look into the camera, bring a lyrical dimension to a tiny gesture, and make motion feel poetic. He’s the creative eye behind the camera, the empathetic soul guiding the actors, and an idea machine always turned on. Collaboration to him is more than a meeting of the minds; it’s an adventure, a journey, and a joy. He believes that creativity is always personal, and is informed by your character and a heartfelt belief that people matter, that ideas count, and that the best work comes when you leave your ego at the door.

In his career Sean has directed spots for virtually every prestigious automaker (Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and on and on) as well as for a long list of clients including JPMorgan Chase, Maker’s Mark, Coors, Travel Alberta, Corona and Yamaha. His groundbreaking work for Dow and BC Tourism was highly acclaimed and widely admired. With his genre defying talent he has expanded his repertoire to include Food and Fashion, Humor, Lifestyle, and Tabletop work, to great success.

He is also keen to explore the real world with his documentary work, creating several award winning short films about the people and places he’s discovered as he’s traveled the world. In all of these his visual approach is precise, considered, and rigorously vetted. No matter the concept or style, he brings the same probing vision, the same storyteller’s eye to these subjects, and has found them to be richly rewarding.

Filmmaking is certainly a big part of Sean’s life, but it’s not the whole story. He is a loving father and husband, a loyal and supportive friend, and everything he does is informed by his love for landscape and the health of the planet. An ardent outdoorsman and environmentalist, he is committed to the simple premise that one has to try to make the world a better place. His work reflects all of these things, pushing him into new realms and new possibilities. In Wondros he feels he’s found a company that shares this vision.