Specter Berlin

Music / Creative Content
Specter grew up bilingual (German & French) in Paris, France. After spending two years in Washington D.C., Specter moved to Berlin at the age of 20, where he studied graphic design and worked as a graffiti artist and production designer for companies like Coca Cola, Carhartt, Red Bull, Adidas, MTV and the Wu-Tang Clan.

At the age of 26 he founded “Aggro Berlin“ a small independent Hip Hop label in West Berlin. He sent Aggro through the roof and transformed it into the biggest Hip Hop label in Europe, competing with the majors. It garnered countless gold discs and sold millions of records. He was not only founder, manager, and chief A&R of Aggro Berlin, but also creative director; designing the artwork of booklets, t-shirts and artist merchandise. Every artist received a special touch from him. One of Specter’s most famous works of art is the skull-mask of SIDO which became the rapper’s trademark and catapulted him to being one of the greats.

Specter has directed more than 50 music videos in the last 10 years. He shot his first commercial in 2013 for Lexus. In the last few years he directed several videos in the high budget range for Sony Music Entertainment and in 2012 won the ECHO for the best video (most popular music award in Germany).