WON-DROS adj. (/’wʌn·drəs/) : Inspiring a world in which anything is possible.

We are a creative playground for storytellers, strategists, innovators, designers, troublemakers, artists, dreamers and doers. We translate complex ideas for the world's most innovative companies and individuals.


We are moving into a landscape where art and science, design and engineering are inseparable; at their intersection lies the new creative laboratory for the future of storytelling.

5D is a design studio that creates immersive experiences across media and storytelling platforms. We use emerging technologies--from virtual reality to augmented reality--to create services, products and experiences that are transforming the future of storytelling. We work in a range of environments: museums, retail, sports, transportation, film, medicine, theater and science. Each day, we manifest transformative new ways to immerse people in experiences that surprise, provoke and delight.

Building Worlds: Design Makers and Thinkers. We create an entire world within which an experience and product exist. Every aspect as to how that world looks, sounds, smells from its rules, its quirks, its architectures to its tiny objects. We research, conceive, iterate and build every detail to create the most immersive experiences possible.