Jesse Dylan on Wondros

Swarovski x Samsung Changes

Venus And Stand

Beyonce Countdown

Adria Petty

Sony Ice Bubbles

Chase Blue Chip Farms

Chulius & The Filarmonicos Don’t

This is Felo

Rihanna Umbrella

Chris Applebaum

Rag and Bone

Vern Moen

Gwen Stefani Used To Love You

Sophie Muller

Open Society Foundations Refugee

MD Anderson Expertise

Open Society Foundations Art

Carl’s Jr. Winning Combination

directed by Chris Applebaum

The F-Word Famine is the Real Obscenity

ONE's campaign to focus the world's attention on the famine and food crisis in the Horn of Africa

Open Society Foundations Baltimore Rising

LA River

Alex McDowell on 5D Global Studio

Mario Testino

An intimate conversation with the illustrious photographer.

AMEX America

Al Baydha Development Corporation

Forecasting the future of a Saudi Arabian village, from barren desert to verdant oasis.

Intel The Leviathan Project

Dazzling the audience at CES 2014 with an enormous whale flying out of a screen.

Mastercard Launcher

Sophie Muller & Gwen Stefani team up with MasterCard & Apple Pay.

Neil Gaiman on the Future


Breast cancer awareness and prevention in Saudi Arabia and throughout the world

Jason Silva on the Future

Lexus Face Off

Sophie Muller's latest spot for Lexus. There's no going back.

Juan Enriquez on the Future

Getty Pacific Standard Time Schwartzman celebrates Baldessari

Jason Schwartzman chats with John Baldessari on the walls of LACMA

George Soros & Open Society Foundations

George Soros on Open Societies


Predictive: IBM

Wondros created 62 unique commercials for IBM, aired during the 2014 Masters Golf Tournament

Anthem Vanity Fair

Icons of American Culture discuss curiosity

Columbia School of Journalism

Luminary journalists and writers discuss the evolving and essential role of the free press


Time-travel, pirates, Bigfoot and young imaginations

Born Free Master Narrative

Annie Liebowitz, Victoria Beckham, and other fashion icons create a world born free of HIV

5D Collaborators

Our network includes experts at the very top of their fields, from a wide range of domains.

Open Society Foundations Globalizing Torture

WIRED By Design

Getty Pacific Standard Time Keidis celebrates Ruscha

Anthony Kiedis and Ed Ruscha drive around Los Angeles and discuss art

IBM Watson

TED sponsor IBM's Watson is an adventure in human knowledge and big data

TED Unilever

The Nature Conservancy New York


Council on Foundations

Hammer Museum Mark Bradford

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall on his personal experience with cancer

X Prize

Up2 All of Us

Lyricism and harmony invite viewers to Stand Up To Cancer

Open Society Foundations The Power of Rights