WON-DROS adj. (/’wʌn·drəs/) : Inspiring a world in which anything is possible.

We are a creative playground for storytellers, strategists, innovators, designers, troublemakers, artists, dreamers and doers. We translate complex ideas for the world's most innovative companies and individuals.


The Future, Now

The world is rapidly moving towards a landscape where art and science, design and engineering are inseparable; at their intersection lies the future of storytelling.

5D Global Studios is a multi-platform, cross-discipline design and storytelling studio that creates deeply immersive products, services and experiences. We combine emergent technologies (such as virtual and augmented realities) with highly interactive storytelling to craft powerful narratives that surprise, provoke and delight. We are high-end peddlers of modern-day magic.

We traverse the bleeding edge of innovation and work with companies who want to be at the frontlines of the new media landscape. Our clients inhabit a range of fields: museum, retail, sport, transportation, education, film, medicine, theater, science and more. At root, we are consummate problem-solvers and world builders. Our goal is to help clients imagine a clearer vision of the future they’re working towards and we then create holistic experiences that enact those futures, now. Ultimately, we collaborate with clients to catalyze audiences both emotionally and viscerally. Our eyes are always trained on what is not yet thinkable. And we make it real.